Lady Bits (Collection)

A troubled mother commits an unspeakable act to banish the demon that lurks in her root cellar. Ghosts from the past won’t release their hold on a young woman. A girl in search of a new job as a nanny finds herself in charge of a mysterious package that requires much more care than any child.

Lady Bits collects sixteen tales from Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson award nominated author Kate Jonez that explores the horror nestled in the female heart. Vividly realized protagonists engage with an

often-hostile world to deliver justice, lower a vengeance hammer, or to simply revel in evil. Prepare to be unsettled, disturbed, and terrified. 

Ceremony of Flies (Novella)

Two petty criminals find themselves inextricably linked when a stop at a roadside bar leads to murder. On the run and out of options, they reluctantly rescue a stranded boy and his dog from a lonely crossroads in the Mojave Desert and decide for the first time in their lives to do the right thing. 

Candy House (Novel)

In Kate Jonez's debut novel, CANDY HOUSE, a brilliant young scientist moves back home with his parents because his explosive temper has ruined his career. His neighbors, a family of witches, imps and demons, are charged with keeping science under control. They must, by using their debauched and twisted magic, stop Roland before he fulfills his destiny and makes a deadly discovery that will change the nature of humanity forever.

“Think Rob Zombie meets John Waters meets—I’m not quite sure what, but Kate Jonez’s CANDY HOUSE is a whacked-out, twisted, and original tale of family, obsession, and not-so-neighborly witches. A promising debut!” —Paul Tremblay, author of THE LITTLE SLEEP

“With CANDY HOUSE, Kate Jonez has created a mesmerizing and downright diabolical spectacle. There are enough luscious, disturbing images and wild ideas to send your mind reeling for days after finishing. Highly recommended!” —Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of BLACK & ORANGE and NIGHTMARE BALLAD